Laser Processing Service

SIS Co., Ltd. has laser welding, cutting, and hybrid systems for producing laser-processed parts for final and prototype automobiles. With expertise on laser processing equipment fabrication, we produce parts with high quality and productivity to quickly respond to customer needs.


Welding, cutting, and hybrid welding equipment for laser-processed parts

  • 4 kW fiber laser and 2 kW Nd:YAG laser
  • Welding robots and focal optics
  • Auto/manual welding bed units
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Hybrid welding units

Advantages of SIS laser toll processing (automated large-/small-quantity production)
1. Mass and flexible production
  • Three auto laser welding lines can produce an average of 9,000 sheets/day.
  • One manual laser welding line can weld products in different shapes.
2. Thorough quality control
  • The real-time laser camera welding bead system detects product defects.
  • It carries out thorough welding inspection for every lot.
3. Special equipment
  • We fabricate and deliver a TWB laser welding line so that we can professionally operate welding conditions and equipment for laser welding.
  • We have TWB laser welding experts with rich experience.
4. Quick and accurate product delivery
  • Special operators and the SIS special laser welding system minimize the production time by quickly finding welding conditions for new materials for quick delivery.
  • Products can be delivered to you anytime you want.
5. Competitive price
  • Competitive price for high-performance optimal equipment to reduce incidental production costs.
  • Price competitiveness with labor cost saving through automation
  • Tailor-welded blank (TWB) automotive chassis steel sheet door INR, pillar, hood, floor, etc.
  • 3-D shape laser welding and cutting
  • Processing machine case, and large steel sheet welding and cutting
  • Part processing for automotive, medical, and heavy equipment
  • Automotive seat frames, transmission (power trains), and polly
  • Pipe, tube, and pulley welding
  • Fuel cell battery welding
  • Overlap, fillet, and butt joint welding
  • Large-/small-quantity and prototype production

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